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Нізкая цана зніжка высокая мода ваза

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Vintage silver vase is not only an ornament, but also an elegant enjoyment. The design of the two ears is more flexible in the use process, and more conducive to visual aesthetics. The undulating bottle mouth is more able to set off the beauty and picture of the illustration. The overall product is mainly silver, which represents the pure, rose pattern design, which makes people happy in the aspect of ornamental. Electroplating and dispensing processes are used to make the product more detailed. Vintage metal decorative flower vases are a must-have for home decor.

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Low Price Discount High Fashion Vase

Product name: Нізкая цана зніжка высокая мода ваза
Material: Zinc Alloy
Style: European Vintage Style
popular elements: white
Logo: Індывідуальны лагатып
Process: Пакрыццё & Эпаксідная
Image Source: Independent real shot
Features: The surface is high gloss, not easy to wear, secondary strengthening, not easy to break, lead-free crystal glass, healthy and safe.
Quality Control: Вытворчая лінія з праверкай кантролю якасці, Перад адпраўкай праверце іх усё яшчэ раз
Techniques: Ліццё пад ціскам, Polish, Пакрыццё, Hand painted embossed flowers, Embossed castles
Application: Home collection, friend gift, wedding dowry, гасцініца, party, etc.

European vase features:
1:The silver-white appearance and the rose-like pattern make the overall shape more harmonious and unique.
2:The three-dimensional relief design of the rose, European style design, let you experience the beauty of the product.
3:The products are available in three sizes: large, medium and small. You can choose according to your requirements.
4:The metal texture is strong, and the plating process is used to make the surface of the product smoother.
5:Retro style, presenting your fashion and noble quality. The classic design of the nobility sets off your honor.
6:The professional design team not only has a variety of products, but also a variety of colors to meet the different needs of customers.

The philosophy of our company:
With professional design, quality inspection team, scientific quality management system, adhering to theinnovation, qualitydevelopment concept, we design and produce every satisfactory product for consumersnot only the style is eye-catching, but also put it down Superior and durable. Xinglin handicrafts are of low price, excellent service, broad prospects and good reputation. All are welcome to come to consult and cooperate.

The advantages of our company:
Choices: Jewelry box, toothpick box, попельніца, скрынка тканіны, mirror and comb combination, folding mirror, hand-held mirror, divided into seven categories, and the styles are diverse, the colors are diverse, customers can choose the style and color they need.
Process: purely hand-made by means of electroplating and dispensing
Вопыт: У нас больш за сем гадоў вытворчага вопыту, і ў нас ёсць уласная дызайнерская каманда, мы можам распрацаваць неабходныя рамёствы ў адпаведнасці з патрэбамі кліентаў.
Якасць: Кожны працэс, мы строгі кантроль, і прадукт адбіраюць пробы, каб гарантаваць, што якасць прадукту адпавядае патрабаванням.
Сіла: У нас ёсць уласная фабрыка, мы маем уласную прафесійную вытворчасць зборачнай лініі, and the workers have undergone rigorous training before they can be employed. Адрас завода знаходзіцца ў Дунгуане, Правінцыя Гуандун, і вітаць кліентаў у госці.

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