OEM / ODM 20 flere år

Foshan Xinglin Håndværk Co, Ltd. har specialiseret sig i kunsthåndværk produktion og grænseoverskridende handel. Virksomheden har mere end syv års erfaring i produktion af kunsthåndværk. It is a company that is vigorously developed in Foshan City.

In the early stage of its establishment, it adheres to the development of “integrity, quality”.

The concept has gradually increased in the market share of handicrafts, and more and more customers are cooperating. Due to the serious imitative phenomenon in the handicraft industry, the company decided to gradually develop its own product features with the development concept of “innovation”. In the future development, Foshan Xinglin Håndværk Co, Ltd. will always be customer-centered, with the concept of product quality and innovation.


The factory is located in Dongguan City, Guangdong -provinsen. The factory has three floors. The first floor is processing raw materials, the second layer is product dispensing, electroplating, packaging, and the third layer is product cleaning and coloring.

Workers in the factory have more than six years of experience in product production, and only after professional training can they be employed, otherwise they will not be accepted. The factory has rooms for entertaining customers, rooms for product display, etc. Serve national standards in terms of health and environmental protection, and obtain relevant certificates such as “Dongguan City Enterprise Credit Certificate” and “Key Support Enterprise” issued by the municipal government.


European retro ashtray, European retro toothpick box, European retro jewelry box, European retro tissue box, European retro hand mirror, European retro folding mirror, European retro double-sided makeup mirror, European retro craft ornaments, European retro wine


Home living room, home collection, hotel supplies, restaurant, KTV, gifts, office, wedding gifts, tourist souvenirs


Obtained relevant certificates such as “Dongguan City Enterprise Credit Certificate” and “Key Support Enterprise” issued by the municipal government.


20 sets of German handicraft production equipment


Products are exported to the Middle East, Russia, Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States, some countries in Africa, and in the local gifts, household goods and other markets account for a large share.


  • Pre-sales: We will follow up the enquiry customers. If the customer has questions about the product, price, company, factory, we will follow up the answer for the first time.
  • Selling: We will provide the most suitable price, the best product quality, there will be corresponding discount according to the customer's order quantity, and also provide product portfolio for customers to choose, in terms of logistics, payment methods, delivery methods, etc. We will provide the most convenient and quickest way. If the customer is interested, in the payment method, you need to pay 70% deposit first, we will process the production, the remaining money needs to be paid at the time of delivery, we will only ship the goods after receiving the final payment.
  • After-sales: We provide perfect after-sales service. If customers have any questions, we can communicate with us in time, we will answer them in the first time.
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