European retro hugis-parihaba lock creative imbakan alahas box

We are excellent Chinese manufacturers. Our products, such as toothpick holder, alahas box, tissue box, are of excellent quality and affordable. Looking forward to your inquiry.

European retro rectangular lock creative storage jewelry box, exquisite European and American style, retro metal craftsmanship reproduction, classical elegance, luxury and exquisite appearance, with a more textured attitude, bring the theme to the space, accommodate more Jewelry, hardware, durable, extravagant and gorgeous.

Features and details of the gold jewelry box:
1:Exquisite texture design, retro style creativity, let you experience the beauty brought by the product.
2:The castle design above the jewelry box is more retro-local cultural style.
3:It can be sold as a gift or as a local specialty.
4:The product is made of zinc alloy and the quality is more guaranteed.
5:There are a number of spaces in the jewelry box that can store different jewelry and let your jewelry find a safe space.
6:The electroplating process technology is used to ensure the quality of the product and the touch is smoother.

What are our strengths? Why choose us?
1:Material: Our products are made of zinc alloy and aluminum alloy. They are durable, environmentally friendly, non-oxidizing, non-fading, anti-falling and waterproof. Durable, durable, fresh and handmade, colorful, excellent texture and reliable quality. , safe and high-temperature resistance.
2: Choice: alahas box, toothpick box, ashtray, tissue box, mirror and comb combination, folding mirror, hand-held mirror, divided into seven categories, and various styles, colors, customers can choose the style they want and color.
3: Process: purely hand-made by means of electroplating and epoxy
4: Experience: We have more than seven years of production experience, and we have our own design team, we can design the crafts needed according to the needs of customers.
5: Quality: Every process, we have strict control, and the product is sampled to ensure that the quality of the product meets the requirements.
6: Strength: We have our own factory, we have our own professional assembly line production, and the workers have undergone rigorous training to get on the job. The factory’s address is located in Dongguan, Guangdong Province, and welcome customers to visit.
7: Price: We can offer different levels of discount according to the size of the customer’s order. Welcome customers to come and communicate.

If you have some problems about European Retro Rectangular Lock Creative Storage Alahas box, or want to know more details about ashtray, salamin, alak set , etc. Welcome to contact us!

Post time: 2019-07-11