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Sandari Europos arbata gali

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The retro creative ceramic tea cans are assembled from three parts, a tea can bottom, a ceramic can body and a lid. These three parts are not fixed and can be dismantled freely. The bottom part and the cover part are made of zinc alloy as raw material, and the can body is fired by ceramics, and the cover is rubber-encapsulated to ensure the sealing of the tea can is intact, and the stored tea leaves can be protected from moisture and long-term drying. In terms of cleaning, the entire tea can is separable, so cleaning is very convenient. Retro creative tea cans can not only be used at home, but also in the office, of course, can also be used as gifts for friends and relatives, so the retro creative tea cans have many uses, you deserve it.

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Sealed European Tea Can

Product name: Sandari Europos arbata gali
medžiaga: Cinko lydinio
Style: European Style
popular elements: gold
logotipas: Individualus logotipas
procesas: nikeliavimas & epoksidinė derva
Image Source: Independent real shot
funkcijos: The surface is high gloss, not easy to wear, secondary strengthening, not easy to break, lead-free crystal glass, healthy and safe.
Kokybės kontrolė: Gamybos linija su QC patikrinimas, Prieš laivybos patikrinti juos visus vėl
metodai: Liejimo, lenkas, nikeliavimas, Rankų dažytos reljefiniais gėlių, Reljefinis custles
taikymas: Home collection, friend gift, wedding dowry, hotel, party, etc.

Features of European tea cans:
1:The creative tea can has the function of preserving freshness and can restore the original taste of the tea.
2:The inside and outside of the tea can are exquisite and practical, and can achieve a good sealing effect without any auxiliary accessories.
3:The creative tea cans are carved and cast by skilled workers and have a more textured touch.
4:Both internal and external have passed the environmental qualification certification, which will not cause environmental pollution, environmental protection and durability.
5:Due to its exquisite patterns and textures, the products can be displayed in a practical and collectible way.

Product design process:
1: According to the needs of customers, we provide professional OEM and ODM services, and there are many models to choose from.
2: Selection of raw materials: using the best zinc alloy and aluminum alloy as materials, in the same industry, has obvious advantages
3: Production process: electroplating and dispensing
4: Coloring of products: The coloring of products is artificially colored, and artificial coloring can ensure the color of the products.
5: Strict quality control: After production, we must ensure strict review of products to meet customer requirements.
6: Product Packaging: The product will be cleaned before packaging to ensure that the product is clean and tidy.

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